The Giant Zombie is a very large, very dangerous zombie that may spawn in remote regions of the map.

Its size is gargantuan, and it can be seen from a great distance. Upon noticing a survivor, it will begin to walk towards them at a seemingly slow pace, creating dust and dirt clouds as its feet hit the ground. Being in the immediate area of a Giant Zombie's feet as it's walking will cause heavy damage. Giant Zombies may also disappear completely from sight at a given time. (note: this is possibly a tell that it may be able to teleport :P)


The Giant Zombie will attempt to chase you down and crush you beneath its feet.


In order to avoid getting trampled by the Giant Zombie, it would be best to attack using long range weapons such as the Hunting Sniper or Military Sniper. Shotguns may also be effective if caught at close range, although running would be the best choice if one approaches closely.


The Giant Zombie has been known to drop 6 out of the 7 Special Guns in TABZ (the Grabber,Cursed AK-74Model SBKnockback GunAnnoyer, and the Övergeväret), as well as all types of ammo.