Wobbling weapons bug Edit

Sometimes occurs when picking up/selecting a weapon. Is likely caused by the weapon's model spawning inside a building wall or in the ground; in extreme cases even in the player model.

Possible premises Edit

  • Holding a gun in a wrong way may cause weapon wobbling passively, on reload or upon entering "gangster mode" (pressing G)

Solutions Edit

Deselect the weapon as fast as you can. Select it again when you have enough free space.

Invisible/underground zombie bug Edit

The most deadly bug in TABZ, because, unlike the previous one, it has no known premises or reliable solutions. The player starts randomly taking damage with no evident source.

Possible causes Edit

  • Zombies falling through the map
  • Zombies spawning within terrain
  • Zombies getting stuck in building walls

Solutions Edit


Z+V speed bug Edit

This is one of the few positive bugs in TABZ. Pressing Z then V will cause the player to prone and ragdoll simultaneously and also allow them to move incredibly fast. In this mode, the player stays low to the ground and almost makes you invincible, as you take no fall damage and can outrun any other zombie or player.

Downsides Edit

  • Using weapons in this mode is possible but will likely result in the Wobbling Weapons Bug and will kill you
  • It is very difficult to see where you are going at times

Solutions Edit

Press shift or space to stop

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