Wobbling weapons bug

Sometimes occurs when picking up/selecting a weapon. Is likely caused by the weapon's model spawning inside a building wall or in the ground; in extreme cases even in the player model.

Possible premises

  • Holding a gun in a wrong way may cause weapon wobbling passively, on reload or upon entering "gangster mode" (pressing G)


Deselect the weapon as fast as you can. Select it again when you have enough free space.

Invisible/underground zombie bug

The most deadly bug in TABZ, because, unlike the previous one, it has no known premises or reliable solutions. The player starts randomly taking damage with no evident source.

Invisible Damage

Invisible Damage

Totally Accurate Invisible Zombies

Possible causes

  • Zombies falling through the map
  • Zombies spawning within terrain
  • Zombies getting stuck in building walls


  • just accept your fate.... AND RUUUUNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!

Z+V speed bug

This is one of the few positive bugs in TABZ. Pressing Z then V will cause the player to prone and ragdoll simultaneously and also allow them to move incredibly fast. In this mode, the player stays low to the ground and almost makes you invincible, as you take no fall damage and can outrun any other zombie or player.


  • Using weapons in this mode is possible but will likely result in the Wobbling Weapons Bug and will kill you
  • It is very difficult to see where you are going at times
  • has a chance not to work at times of need
  • can (like almost everything in this game :P) lag/crash/glitch your game


Press shift or space to stop

"Infinite" Ammo Exploit

Don't take this name too seriously, I couldn't think of a better title. Start by taking two guns in your hotbar. Drain all the loaded ammo in weapon "A", then reload. Before the gun "A" is finished reloading, pull out gun "B" and the ammo will be reloaded into that gun.


While the 600+ bullets in this player's inventory was obtained fairly, the 102 bullets inside the revolver is a result of this exploit.


  • The guns have to be the exact type (e.g. two Makarov's)
  • The ammo is still consumed from your inventory and this is limited by the amount of ammo you have
  • This will leave less ammo for the other weapons you have that need ammo of that type


You become OP because who wouldn't want 100+ bullets in a revolver??

Fall Damage Glitch

Fall damage-0

Fall damage-0

totally accurate fall damage

Fall damage in TABZ is very strange. Sometimes you'll be running and jumping down a hill and you take 75 damage after landing after what should of been no more then 5 damage, or sometimes you'll fall from the stacked houses in the ruined towns but not take a bit of damage.


  • Sometimes this doesn't work in your favor
  • It's unpredictable when it will happen


While it is tempting, don't jump while going down hills, mountains, or slanted houses.

Shaky Camera

This seems to happen all the time when most people play, but Youtubers never have a shaky camera! There is no definite solution, but there is a way to solve most of it.


  • The camera shakes uncontrollably
  • Really hard to aim; Especially using snipers


Lower your game resolution to under 1024 x 768 (640 x 480 is recommended by me) and play in windowed mode. Also lower graphics quality to "Very Low". (It pretty much just removes zombie and player shadows.)

broken world glitch (place holder name)

this is the most devastating glitch EVER! it has two forms:

1: no-load glitch: the world doesnt load at all, leaving you with a blank fuuly black screen, and not allowing you to play untill steam sorts itself out!

2: player-ball glitch: a rare sigth, to see the gravavity zombie! but, this is even rarer! (and uglier!) in this lgitch, a mass of snake-like creature appear on screen... along with majorly lowered frame rates to the point of none at all! but, this beast isnt a zombie, its... PLAYERS!!! every player online gets SUCKED into this ball covering the entire sky!!! then the game crashes, or frames lower farther than you can handle, and you quite. like before, only thing ya can do is quite, and wait for steam to stop the maddness!!!