This is a list of monuments.


This area in the South-Western part of the map is what looks to be very large pipes stuck in the ground.

Military Base

This area in the Eastern part of the map has lots of useful recources such as:  *Snipers

  • Shotguns
  • Ammo
  • SMGs
  • Rifles
  • Melee Weapons
  • and Player Gunfights.

Tower Town

This is a town in the Northern part of the map in a very rundown condition, with a large tower in the center. This tower contains Guns and Ammo at the top, however, it is a challenge to climb.

Normal Town

This town just South-West of the Military Base is about the same as the Tower Town, just without the tower.

Light House

This structure in the North-Western part of the map contains very little resources, but there may be Giants that spawn there.


This is a maze that is in the center of the map, and is guarded by the Maze Boss. The small structure by the pit is the exit from the maze, and can be jumped onto to get the Grabber.


The Coliseum was a structure that originally in place of the Maze.

Tall Grass

This area in the Western part of the map is the location of the Cursed AK-74, and it is guarded by many Slender Zombies.


This monument located in the South-Western part of the map is a few houses that are boarded together. The Annoyer can be found at the top cabin.

Four Bridges

The four bridges are located at the Southern part of the map, and are listed closest to farthest from the mountain:

  • Broken Bridge
  • House Bridge
  • Pipe Bridge (Not really a bridge, just a pipe)
  • and the Six House Bridge.

The Pipe and Six House Bridges are not connected to the path.

Sideways House

This house, located just West of the Maze, marks the intersection of paths of the Broken Bridge, Pipes, and Tower Town. Haunted Axe (see in Cursed Weapons)spawns in/ on top of this. (0.11% chance of spawning in the house and 90% on the house.)

There are two large cubes on the outskirts of the Lighthouse, one contains the Model SB.

There are also two small cubes in the middle of a forest, located on the outskirts of the Pipes, and just outside of the Six House Bridge.


The entire map of TABZ.