The Normal Zombies are the most common kind of zombie in the game. They resemble players, except they are green and unarmed.


Normal Zombies will run at the player, attempting to beat them to death using their hands.


Almost any weapon will be able to kill a Normal Zombie, from unarmed fist attacks to Military Snipers.

the best strategy to battle them tho, is to aim for the head.


Zombies also have a chance to drop some loot. They currently only drop ammo,or even weapons like Makarov and Revolvers (from Small ammunition to even Ammo.50).

Revolver drop from zombie-0
Makarov and shotgun shell by zombie
Makarov and mini ammo from zombie-0

Past Life

The normal zombie seems to be a zombie variant of the

peasant troop in TABS.

spawn area (place holder name)

usally around flat/ open areas, and most commonly found around (but not inside of, unless lead in by a player) towns or large building groups (like pipes, and tower town.)